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Pitch Deck

A 20 – 25 slide presentation that sometimes precedes the entrepreneur’s actual live presentation. The document is sometimes sent to investors, posted online for crowdfunding, and sent to the bank along with the business plan before inviting the business owner in for a presentation. The investor pitch deck is a concise, visually attractive, and concrete explanation of the business’ core areas to the reader or listener.

It aims to allow the presentation of the business idea concept in 20 – 30 mins. Investors don’t have time, and people now have a very low concentration level, especially when it comes to reading. The pitch deck must fully articulate the problem and the solution to present a gap or an opportunity in the market.

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Must Haves

What Investors Want to See in Yor Deck

Problem Articulation

Your business must be solving a problem or taking advantage of an opportunity and the pitch deck should be able to articulate this in a clear and concise manner.

Unique Advantage & Traction

You have to explain why and how you are uniquely positioned to create a business. If you have some traction, please brag about it

Business Model

Your pitch deck must be clear how your creation of value leads into transactional relationships between you and your customers.

The Market

You want your investors to know that you’re or would be playing within a huge market space which gives you enough opportunities to grow and capture more customers or market segments.

The Ask and Utilization

The first financial section in the pitch deck that tells the amount needed to launch or expand your business with justification. You need to be careful here, your sense of resource allocation must not be a debate subject.


One of the fastest ways to convince an investor is to show that the management team has the right skillset, industry experience and some business management expertise.

Case Studies

important Facts

Investors spend less than 5 minutes viewing a deck

The most important slides are the product, financial and team slides

Design is often overlooked but very significant due to the visual nature of humans

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