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Financial Model

Your financial model is a way to forecast a business’s financial performance into the future. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs don’t have the financial know-how to build a dependable model for their startup or existing business. However, banks and investors are not only interested in your knowledge of your product or service, but also in how the sales and distribution of this product will translate to a financially successful company.

If your company is a startup, we will carry out our research to understand your industry and the best modeling practices. If you have an existing business, we will look into your company’s financial history in order to make the best recommendations while simultaneously preparing your financial forecast.

The package ensures the following are spelled out clearly, among others:

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Must Haves

Important elements to look out for

Reasonable Assumptions

These form the basis for the entire financial model and are often at the center of financial discussions. They tell the story behind all your numbers and they must be well researched and justifiable, else, your financials could easily be tossed in the trash

Income statement

This helps you present your most important top line numbers at a glance. These include your revenue, cogs, gross profit, operational expenses, interest payments (if applicable) and your net profit.

Cash flow statement

Your business must show enough liquidity for both long and short term sustainability. You stand the risk of going out of business if you don’t have enough cash to run your daily operations.

Balance sheet

This is where the future financial health of your company will be evaluated by investors or banks. This is because it gives a snapshot of what the company owns and what it owes at the end of each financial year.

Sensitivity Analysis

It is important to show the banks and/or investors the different scenarios possible for your sales and cost (if affected). Your ability to show with confidence, your worst to best case scenarios will definitely play to your favor in funding related discussions.

Charts and graphs

These show your numbers in simple, attractive and presentable formats. They are also important because they help capture a lot of information at a glance.

Case Studies

Turn your Business Idea into a Reality with our business plan

Impoortant Financial Model Facts

82% of startups fail because of poor cash flow management.

77% Fail because of improper pricing and poor understanding of unit economics

Most financial projections fail because sales are overestimated.

Why we are your best bet

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