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Business Proposal

The business proposal will be a document that will be sent to potential clients with the hopes of winning a project. Business proposals are either solicited or unsolicited. The unsolicited business proposal works for a situation where a business thinks its services SHOULD be needed by other companies and decides to send proposals to them without asking. The solicited proposal is divided into 2:

Request for Proposals (RFPs) and (RFIs): Government agencies or big companies often require the services of small and medium sized companies to service a particular aspect of their business which is not their core business area. Solicited Proposals: These are proposals that are requested for by the prospect. So following the example above, Tesla knows that My Business Plan Writers offer admin staff outsourcing and asks them to send a proposal for review and negotiations.

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Must Haves

Important elements to look out for

Executive Summary

Here is where the synopsis of the need, your solution and the value of your solution come in. Bear in mind that this is the first section and must encourage your prospect to continue reading

About You

Tell all the great information about you or your company. You may want to push in your mission statement and vision, it works. Some prospects may also want to know how invested you are in the company, show the passion.


Depedning on the the stage you are in your company, you either have a portolio or track record of past projects or your individual experience. Either ways, make sure they are well articulated.

Your Offer and Value Proposition

Do not forget why you’re writing the proposal, you may have had the chance to discuss their needs with them or you probably have some offers in mind. Please let them out!.


Here, It important to give options. Come up with 3 pricing options if possibe. This gives your prospects feeling of control over their choice and sometimes, you ONE pricing model may not work for the client.

CTA and Contact

Do not think you don’t have to close the prospect. You need a very catchy Call To Action before adding your contact information. And remember, always leave room for negotiation.

Case Studies

Important Stats and Facts

Proposals have 7 sections and 11 pages on an average

On average, proposals are opened 80 minutes after receiving it.

50% of all proposal are signed 24 hours after opening them.

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