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Bank/SBA Business Plan

As a startup or small business owner, you have this mind blowing idea or a business model set to change the world, but now you need funding to make this happen. Banks, SBA, and Moneylenders are some of the best options you have to get this business up and running.
What typically happens here is that the entrepreneur is asked to submit the business plan and financials alongside other important documents such as the personal background statement, professional resume, personal credit report and score, business credit report, personal tax returns etc.
Your business plan must show the viability of your business and its ability to pay the debt back. We know what banks, SBA, and lenders want to spot in your business plan.

It typically covers about 50% of the entrepreneur documentation when applying for a loan because It comes with all the important financials such as the use of loan, the cost structure – both direct, variable and fixed costs and all financial statements (cash flow, income, balance sheet). It also comes with the debt repayment schedule which is a must as banks need to see a well laid out schedule of how money will be paid back with interest. We understand that no business plan is a one-size-fits-all document. That is why we don’t use templates. Each plan tailors to you and your lender. Our team of business plan experts guides you through the process and provides you feedback.

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Must Haves

What the Bank, SBA or Money Lenders Want to See in Your Business Plan

Strong Executive

This is a no brainer and is perhaps the most important section of any business plan. It is a very succinct overview of the company mainly covering why the business will succeed and why the reader should keep reading. It perhaps determines the fate of the business with the financier in less than 5minutes.

Market Analysis
and Validation

You want to prove that there is a big enough market ready to purchase or interact with the product or service. It involves the presentation and analysis of up-to-date statistics leading to why your product or service is or will be fit for the market

Loan Repayment Schedule

At the agreed interest rate, you must be able to present company’s ability to repay the loan from the operating profit within the specified repayment period. Failure to present this realistically may hinder the possibility of a loan approval.

Use of Funds

You must be able to justify and adequately present a thorough breakdown of how the requested amount will be utilized. You may also want to present that you have enough skin in the game either by offsetting up to 25% of the amount needed showing that you have spent some money on the progress made to date.

Financial Projections

The projected income and cashflow statements are arguably the most important sections in the financial model. More importantly, however, are the assumptions leading up to revenue and cost projections. Banks and the SBA also want to examine the liquidity of the business and the yearly financial health in the cashflow and financial position projections

Strong Management Team

This is especially true for new startups with no track record or prior financial successes. You must be able to showcase the skills and experiences of the individual members of your team and how these skills are relevant to your business operations.

Case Studies

Bank/SBA Loan Statistics

SBA loan and LoCs have an approval rate of 52%.

SBA loan interest rates are generally less than traditional bank rates at 4.39% - 13%

Business loans, credit cards, and LoCs account for 3/4 of financing for new firms.

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